Vendor / Commercial Space Info


Vendor Spaces Are SOLD OUT for 2018!!!


Vendor/Commercial Space Information:  

The Damascus Community Fair will provide vendors with a space approximately 8' X 8'. Vendors will be required to supply any tables, chairs, display equipment, etc. needed for their space. Fee for space(s) are listed on the application. Due to the electrical needs of the Fair, there is no electricity available for use and no generators allowed.


2018 Fee for the spaces is:     

Space $120.00 each       


The spaces will be available to the public: 


Friday,    September   7th, 2018  (12 PM – 9 PM)

Saturday, September   8th, 2018   (9 AM – 9 PM)

Sunday,     September  9th, 2018   (9 AM - 4 PM)


To receive an application for the 2019 Fair via email:   

If after reading the Rules and Regulations below, you are interested in receiving an application to the 2018 Fair, Please e-mail with the following information to get on the email list for an application year 2019:

  • Business name and mailing address

  • Contact name, phone number and email address (if different than requesting email)

  • Brief description of your business and product

Also, if you are a “Home Improvement/ Maintenance” company, please be very specific as to the service you will be promoting at the Fair. We want to make every effort to have all services be different and will base this on a first come, first serve basis as we do other vendor products.  Additionally, if you are selling brand name products, they are also being sold as first come, first serve spaces.

Please Note: We are an ALL Volunteer organization with no office location. Please do not request calls for information as we do not make phone calls for inquiries. Please email.


2018 Rules and Regulations:


1.    Vendor spaces are $120.00 each, and on a first come first served basis once an application has been sent to you. An acknowledgment for space reservation shall be sent to vendor by e-mail. All fees paid will be non-refundable, unless spaces are full or for reasons of duplicate brand vendor at the time your application is received by the Fair. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

2.    The Damascus Community Fair will provide local Vendors with a space approximately 8'wide X 9' deep undercover in a large Vendor tent unless other circumstances prevail and communicated.

3.    Vendors will be required to supply their own tables, chairs, display equipment, table coverings etc. as needed for their space. Setup can take place at any time prior to noon on Friday of the Fair.

4.    *For safety reasons, no floor standing display may be taller than 7 feet regardless of space location and may not occupy more than 50% of the designation space unless two spaces are purchased. Trailer displays will not be allowed in the designated vendors spaces.

5.    No holes or stakes may be placed in the ground larger than 1 square inch in area.

6.    There is NO Electricity available and no generators are allowed in any Vendor/Commercial Spaces. Any electric cords by Vendors are prohibited. This is necessary due to the shortage of electricity for the operation of the Fair and general safety concerns. The Vendor Tent and areas are lighted.

7.    No vendor shall specify a specific location desired for their space, however may ask to be placed beside another Vendor. Spaces are assigned per availability and type service offered.

8.    All vendors must have their displays in place and all vehicles removed from the curbside 15 minutes before starting times, as listed above.

9.    No vendor will be allowed to solicit in outside their assigned space unless as a scheduled demo.

10.  No sale or give-a-ways of food or drink allowed. The Fire Department is the only food vendor.  

11.  All vendors will be required to keep their area neat and clean and to remove their trash during, and at the end of each day of the Fair.

12.  The Damascus Community Fair Board of Directors shall have the right to disapprove and demand the removal of any items they deem improper for display, sale, or "give-away" at this FAMILY EVENT. Failure to comply with a request for removal for such items will result in the vendor’s forfeit of their space and they will be banned from the premises.

13.  All vendors shall be governed at all times by these and any additional rules and regulations deemed feasible by the Damascus Community Fair Board of Directors. No additional regulations will be added without notification to the Vendors.

14.  The Damascus Community Fair Board of Directors and/or the Damascus Volunteer Fire Department will not be held responsible or liable for any injury to vendor, commercial owners, or any other person. Nor will they be liable for any damage, theft, or loss to the vendor's property or equipment at any time related to the Fair event.

15.  For an additional fee of $15.00, and if you have a website, we will include your Company Logo and a link to your homepage on our “Fair Supporters” page on our website until June of the 2018. Once your URL is listed we will copy the logo from your website. Please mark the space on the application for this, provide payment and your company URL.


Completed applications must be mailed to the address listed on the application

by US Postal Service.  NOTE: NO Applications are not accepted via email.